Tuse Muse – Emma Stone

Emma Stone Interview2

Ladies, is Emma gorgeous or is she gorgeous? This spread with Interview magazine, makes me drool. Completely obsessed with the Yves Saint Laurent dress and gloves. In fact, the whole Matrix meets glamour meets chic meets retro alien bombshell thing has got me going. What do you think? More pictures + article on the Interview … Continue reading

F for Fitness


Hello mocha lovers! First off, I have to apologize for the hiatus. Nothing flimsy this time, work beckoned. I had a photoshoot to organize and style, the results of which, we will feature here in a post (after the A-Z series, or maybe I’ll work it in somehow, who knows). In any case, a thousand apologies. I’m … Continue reading



Pictures Courtesy of Rob Evan’s Fanpage  and Models.com Today’s muse is Rob Evans. He’s a model at Major Model Management. I think his features are just stunning, and he takes amazing pictures. Not to mention, he’s been signed on as a judge on ANTM with Tyra banks (I know, I stopped watching a while back, but feel … Continue reading

July Vogue Cover: Emma Stone


Courtesy: Vogue Gorgeous cover. What do you think?

TuesMuse: Wonderland by K. Mitchell


Source: dailymail.co.uk  – Courtesy: Kristy Mitchell Photography This photographic series is absolutely breathtaking. It’s amazing the amount of effort that was put in the props (yes, it’s not photo-shopped) . The amount of details is astonishing and the colours are amazing!

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