N – Nailing the art of a manicure

It is said, that grooming is everything. Alright, maybe it’s not said, maybe it’s just our mantra here at Fashion Mocha but it’s a good one. Now, as a woman, your nails speak volumes about you. They are part of a silent resume that you hand out, each time you interact with someone. There are … Continue reading

M – Makeup

Come now, you must have seen this one coming. Make up is an essential topic; one that most people take lightly (or too heavily) Yes, I still have bad puns, I have a doozy for you at the end of this post. I’m giggling already just thinking about it. Alright then, make up. Ladies, gentlemen, … Continue reading

H – Here’s Hair!

  Hair-lo mocha lovers! What a beautiful day to discuss the matter of tresses. The subject of hair is one dear to me, and close to my heart so I took a while to compose something that would impart just enough knowledge, without being too wordy. Alright, hair we go (that’s the last pun, you … Continue reading

Make-up Mondays: How to… Matte Lips

Video by Forever 21   Simple steps to creating the perfect matte lips. What colours will you be rocking?   Fashion Mocha on Facebook & Twitter.

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