P – Pressing On

In case you hadn’t heard it everywhere, Fun is sweeping the airwaves with Some Nights. This song in particular suits this post. Click here to watch. Hello mocha beauties! I promised a post within 48 hours, I’m stretching it a bit, but hey, I made it. Love me! (Please) Alright, today’s post has nothing to … Continue reading

J for Jazz

Tony Bennett feat. Lady Gaga – The Lady Is a Tramp <– Click to listen. One of the best covers, if not the best, of this song. Gaga really should do jazz, she has the chords for it. (We’re going to ignore the green hair and obvious drunkeness because of her laudable performance.) Hello mocha lovers! … Continue reading

Tuse Muse – Emma Stone

Ladies, is Emma gorgeous or is she gorgeous? This spread with Interview magazine, makes me drool. Completely obsessed with the Yves Saint Laurent dress and gloves. In fact, the whole Matrix meets glamour meets chic meets retro alien bombshell thing has got me going. What do you think? More pictures + article on the Interview … Continue reading

Monday Yumday

Just to break up all that ranting and raving about personal style, here’s some deliciousness to get you through a dreary Monday! Yes, those eyes are heavenly and yes, we’re swooning too. You’re very welcome.

G for Glean (indiscrimnately)

Bonjour mademoiselles! Did you miss me and my bad jokes? I missed you too. Alright, straight to the order of the day (I’m already late as it is). Grab a coffee or your favorite sipping liquid, and pay attention. Today’s post is an oxymoron. First, there’s the word glean which is the major idea. To … Continue reading

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