H – Here’s Hair!

  Hair-lo mocha lovers! What a beautiful day to discuss the matter of tresses. The subject of hair is one dear to me, and close to my heart so I took a while to compose something that would impart just enough knowledge, without being too wordy. Alright, hair we go (that’s the last pun, you … Continue reading

E for Elegance

“In all that you do, practice a detached elegance.” That quote popped into my head last night and it set the tone for today’s installment. Today we will talk about a much needed, yet often ignored factor in cultivating a personal style – elegance. People associate elegance with skirts, never crossing your legs and always … Continue reading

C for Colour Coordination

*shakes out umbrella and takes off raincoat* Whew! Made it for today’s post! Alright mocha lovers, today we’re going to talk about colours. Those vibrant hues that make our outfits speak volumes for us so we don’t have to. We will talk about how to wear them, what combinations to avoid and how to control … Continue reading

Shoes: Your 10 seconds ID

                                       Tis said you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. Truer words have not been penned, However, this saying holds true for both men and women. You can tell a lot about anyone by their shoes, … Continue reading

It’s Studs and Ducks for Burberry

All pictures Courtesy of Burberry I know it’s still summer, but one can’t help with all the fall collections and the must-have-for-fall lists already out in every magazine. Burberry’s accessories stood out for me because even though it still had that classic burberry element, the studs and duck heads on the umbrella handles, wallets and … Continue reading

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