Tuse Muse

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P – Pressing On

In case you hadn’t heard it everywhere, Fun is sweeping the airwaves with Some Nights. This song in particular suits this post. Click here to watch. Hello mocha beauties! I promised a post within 48 hours, I’m stretching it a bit, but hey, I made it. Love me! (Please) Alright, today’s post has nothing to … Continue reading

Tuse Muse

Today’s Tuse Muse is this beautiful, vintage inspired pair of boots by Loeffler Randall. Flats have never looked so good!┬áIt has a full leather upper, with a rubber sole and sneaker stripe. Fashionable, yet functional? We love it, we covet.

O – Overcoming overeating

We all do it. That extra helping of chocolate covered strawberries, the generous helping of cheesecake, the super sized bag of movie popcorn… (Oh Cineplex, you monster!) When it comes to food, we always somehow, bite off more than we intended to chew. The reasons are varied and more often than not, valid reasons – … Continue reading

N – Nailing the art of a manicure

It is said, that grooming is everything. Alright, maybe it’s not said, maybe it’s just our mantra here at Fashion Mocha but it’s a good one. Now, as a woman, your nails speak volumes about you. They are part of a silent resume that you hand out, each time you interact with someone. There are … Continue reading

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