K – Know Your Audience

I had a rather hilarious conversation with someone dear to me today, and it inspired today’s installment. The details of the story are unnecessary, however, it involved a young lady in Louboutins and skinny jeans at a funeral. Yes, I too was mortified. If you aren’t mortified, this post is speaking specifically to you.

You might be wondering what the pictures I used today have to do with anything, I’ll explain presently. The first picture is Julia Roberts in the iconic movie Pretty Woman, that outfit she wore to the racetrack. Oh, you haven’t seen Pretty Woman? *awkward silence* Well, now we know what your homework for the day is. The second outfit is Carrie Bradshaw’s spin on Julia’s outfit, in a scene from the also iconic Sex and The City. She wore that to church. Right, you haven’t seen SATC either… Alright then, that’s more homework. While you’re at it throw in My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn for good measure. Thank me later. Back to the outfits above, both are beautiful, but one of them does not belong in the situation it was used. For those who have seen seen SATC, tell me, when you saw Carrie in that scene, did you immediately think of a horse race? I did. Couple that with the fact that everyone in the Church had on rather subdued colours, she and Miranda stuck out terribly. That outfit is a classic case of a fabulous outfit being in the wrong place. Another classic example is the entire wardrobe in Sex and The City 2, the movie. Yes, I said it. I’m all for fabulous but place and time ladies, place and time.

Listen, being fabulous is never unacceptable, as a matter of fact, it is a requirement in being a style maven. However, the truly fabulous have mastered the art of knowing where and when to unleash fabulousity, and in what doses. Understand this ladies, an outfit may look spectacular on you, but if it doesn’t blend into the occasion, you look spectacularly stupid. Avoid spectacularly stupid, avoid it like the toilet seat in a public washroom. Before you put together an outfit, consider where you are going. What is the crowd like? What is the average age? What is the mood? Is it sombre? Is it happy? Is it relaxed? Is it bubbly? All these factor into picking out what to wear. It may seem like a lot of work, but really, it isn’t. Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling when you walk into a gathering and you find that you’re inappropriately dressed? Do you like it? No, you don’t. None of us do. In fact, it affects your confidence the whole time. However, if you put thought into what you wear and rarely, if ever get it wrong; you can scratch your confidence off the list of things to worry about at any gathering.

Know your audience darlings, know your surroundings. Don’t wear heels to a carnival, don’t flash your cleavage at a family gathering (no matter how much your boyfriend/girlfriend loves it), don’t wear skinny jeans and heels to a funeral and please stop wearing flats to parties. No seriously, stop it. Dress for the occasion, know your audience and work it to your advantage, or don’t bother going at all. Your friends will thank you for sparing them the moping and constant whining about not liking what you’re wearing. Trust me.

Alright then, see you tomorrow. I’m still working on that time management. In the meantime, keep working your wardrobe and look out for tomorrow’s installment, it’ll be… *racks brain for a bad L pun* Bah, I got nothing this time. Enjoy it. Toodle-oo!

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