J for Jazz

Tony Bennett feat. Lady Gaga – The Lady Is a Tramp <– Click to listen. One of the best covers, if not the best, of this song. Gaga really should do jazz, she has the chords for it. (We’re going to ignore the green hair and obvious drunkeness because of her laudable performance.)

Hello mocha lovers! So, show of hands, who thinks Michael Ealy should be cloned and featured as a permanent fixture in every apartment? Just me? Oh… Well, this is awkward. In any case, welcome to our next installment in the series, J for Jazz!

I love Jazz, it is a beautiful, beautiful genre of music. It is steeped in loads of culture, it is constantly morphing and it carries a message. There’s a type of jazz for every setting. Iconic trombonist J.J Johnson once declared of jazz, that it is restless, “It doesn’t stay put and it never will.” Jazz is soothing, it is an aphrodisiac, it is educational, it is effortless and it NEVER goes out of style.  I believe one’s personal style should be like this beautiful genre of music. Your style should blend effortlessly into whatever setting you’re thrown into. Your style should never stay put. You should also be aware of what you’re wearing, steep yourself in your culture as well as various cultures from other places and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Your style should send a firm, irrefutable message about who you are but it shouldn’t irritate. It should speak for you and to you. It should set people at ease around you and make them want to get to know you better (Yes, jazz does all that. If you doubt it, play your favorite jazz tune and see if it doesn’t put you in the mood for more. Bet you it does!) Your style should be oddly familiar and yet unique, just like jazz. We all know at least one jazz song from childhood or the airwaves, and each jazz tune is unique in its rendition and poignancy. Even if you’ve known it for years, it still manages to surprise you each time. Also jazz is reminiscent of the 20s, my absolute favorite era in fashion. Can you knock the style back then? The dapper men in suits, The glamorously dressed ladies and the flapper dresses? Oh, so chic! Alright fine, maybe I don’t so much love jazz, as I’m obsessed with it, but tomato tomahto ladies, focus on the message. The message here being: be beautiful, be unique, be timeless, cultivate many facets of your personality, couple that with a stunning wardrobe and be acceptable in any setting. Just like jazz.

I’m going to sway slowly to some Diana Krall right now. I might even throw in some Fela just to get this party started. Fee free to indulge in some of your fave tunes too. K, I’ll see you ladies next time. (Hey, I’m cutting down alright, but these puns practically write themselves! Hehehe.) Toodle-oo!


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