I for Improvement

Good, better, best. Never let it rest.

Until your good is better and your better best.

Dear mocha lover, that little jingle above should be your guiding light when developing your personal style and keeping your fashion choices up to par. Never settle for good, and don’t stay for better either. You should always look your best. There is always room for improvement, so keep improving your wardrobe. Buy better pieces, improve your style and hone your choices. Continuously improve and structure your wardrobe such that whatever outfit you put together, is your best. At every point, you should strive to look the best that you can at that moment. Now, I’m not saying wear a floor length Oscar-worthy Gucci number everyday, absolutely not. What I’m saying is have so many great pieces that it would be hard for you to make a style misstep. Always weed out the has-beens, keep the classics and improve on them. Glean, be selective when purchasing trends. Listen to your body, it changes over time, as should your style. As you mature, so should your closet. Here are a few tips on how to constantly improve:

  1. Throw out anything from a previous decade. If you still have clothes from the 90s and early 2000s, please, make it stop. The same applies to shoes.
  2. Pick quality over quantity. Better to have 15 fantastic, durable pieces, than 50 expendable, sub-par ones.
  3. Improve yourself as a person. Floss, pick your battles and be attuned to who you are. Confidence is a style asset anyday.
  4. If you can’t improve, improvise. Try turning a pair of really old jeans to shorts or spray painting a solid coloured tank to make it like new again.
  5. Keep your fashion mind sharp by constantly reinventing the ways you can wear an outfit from your wardrobe. Try to keep the ideas original and keep improving on the original after you’ve tested it.
  6. Pay attention to the washing labels on clothes and give to Caesar what is his. Do not machine wash the hand washables and do not dry the ones that are not supposed to be. The fabric of your clothes will love your for it.
  7. Keep the fit of your clothes amazing at all times. Take it to the tailors and have them snip, nip and adjust any clothing that doesn’t fit quite right.

That’s about it. Whatever you do, do not make the mistake of getting stuck in a time capsule, where you never update the pieces in your closet. Update them yearly and stay looking fabulous!

See you next time! I`ll improve on my time management.


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