G for Glean (indiscrimnately)

Bonjour mademoiselles! Did you miss me and my bad jokes? I missed you too. Alright, straight to the order of the day (I’m already late as it is). Grab a coffee or your favorite sipping liquid, and pay attention.

Today’s post is an oxymoron. First, there’s the word glean which is the major idea. To glean, means to pick out or collect. When shopping, pick out your wardrobe pieces with a discerning eye. Don’t just buy anything because it’s trendy or in, buy pieces that are timeless and flattering. Glean, don’t let your initial “Ohmigad I love it on that mannequin!” be your guide to buying. Go over things with a critical eye, try them on, think of ways to wear them and where. Is it a versatile piece? Does that colour work with your skin tone? Does the style work with your body type? Can this piece pull off more than one look? Will you be wearing it in the next 5 to 10 years? Yes to all, buy it.

Onto our second word, indiscriminately. This means to NOT be selective (told you it was an oxymoron). I’ll explain what I mean. Buying pieces involves a level of selectivity but, building a fabulous wardrobe requires one to cast a wide shopping net. The general idea here, is to be selective in your purchases while in a store, but to go in all directions when selecting said stores.  So glean, but do it indiscriminately. Long story short, shop EVERYWHERE. I said earlier in a post that developing a personal style is about adventure, this is what I meant. Shop everywhere. Shop online, shop outside of your country online. Go to a different site of the same brand, for example the UK site or the Japan site, and check out the pieces they offer (they’re usually quite different). Go thrifting, visit vintage stores, shop in the men’s department. When it comes to picking out pieces, glean, but when it comes to places to do said gleaning, be indiscriminate. Be like a magpie and collect them all, (but only if they’re pretty and add value to your wardrobe).

The key to a style that can be imitated but not duplicated is eclecticism. We all make the mistake of finding that one store we absolutely love, then buying every single thing we own from there. Yes, their style might work for us and all their pieces might be adorable, but you forget that you are not alone in your love of this store. If all you own comes from there, you’re just part of the crowd of girls who are doing the same. Your style is nondescript, it doesn’t stand out. On the other hand, if no store is off limits, and you wander into any store regardless of price range, selection or taste, your wardrobe cannot be put into a defined box. You can be assured of putting together combinations that will keep people asking “Oh my gosh! WHERE did you get that?”

So go forth mocha lovers, and glean indiscriminately. See you tomorrow!

One Response to “G for Glean (indiscrimnately)”
  1. Trish says:

    wonderful advice for getting an amazingly diverse closet…

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