F for Fitness

Hello mocha lovers! First off, I have to apologize for the hiatus. Nothing flimsy this time, work beckoned. I had a photoshoot to organize and style, the results of which, we will feature here in a post (after the A-Z series, or maybe I’ll work it in somehow, who knows). In any case, a thousand apologies. I’m rested, refreshed, caffeinated and back on track!

On to our next installment, F for fitness. *cue the groans and excuses* Ladies, ladies, ladies, pipe down. Yes, we all hate models, yes there is undue pressure on everyone to be skinny and yes, we don’t have time to hit the gym daily. I agree, but that is NO excuse to be unhealthy. Sure, your schedule would make the busiest ant wince, but still there are ways to get fit without having to go to the gym daily. Now, before we proceed, understand this: we were NOT all made to be skinny. Some people, were made with extra meat on their bones, some were made with just the bare essentials. Every body type, as long as it is HEALTHY, is beautiful. Secondly, when I say “fit”, I don’t mean skinny, I mean just what I said, FIT.

So, fitness. Staying fit is not easy but the key to it, I’ve found, is making a conscious decision to treat your body right, and sticking to it. I got over my hatred of models a long time ago. Why? Because they work for those beautiful bodies we all envy. They work hard for them. Frankly I’d be quite miffed if I woke up at 5am daily, was gruelled by a personal trainer, didn’t get to eat any junk food, and somehow managed to not have a body envied by every woman. Wouldn’t you be? I’d be so miffed. Outraged even! However, seeing as we can’t all have personal trainers, here are some tips on how to stay fit without even meaning to:

  1. Utilize the things around you. The world around you is its own natural gym. Walk everywhere that is within walking distance. Yes, 10 – 15 minutes of walking counts as walking distance. Do it! Walking is just a treadmill without the technology. If you want an incline, walk up a hill.
  2. Can you ride a bike? Buy a bicycle and put it to excellent use. Can you rollerblade? Break out your old ones and use them. Cycle or rollerblade around your neighbourhood, to the grocery store, to visit a friend. Cycling is spinning but with a far better view than the spinning instructor’s butt, it’s so awkward. It really is.
  3. Unless your floor number is on the right side of the number 5, use the stairs. The elevator is the devil, sent here to add inches and cellulite to your thighs. Why pay the gym to use the elliptical machine, when you can climb stairs as long as you want, completely free of charge? Senseless non?
  4. Learn to lift heavy things. Our men have so much more upper body strength because we let them do all the heavy lifting. Sure, you’re a woman, a dainty and beautiful flower, but there is nothing dainty and beautiful about arms that look like dolman sleeves. Lift darling, feet apart, knees bent and back straight. If you find yourself straining, then get some help. Lifting is the equivalent of weight training.
  5. Do stomach crunches. Do them while you’re relaxing and watching TV, or while you wait for the rice on the cooker to boil. Your body is a sophisticated machine, it can multi-task quite well, so no excuses. Drop and give me 30!
  6. I say this all the time but DANCE! People underestimate the workout that is dancing. Put on your favorite tunes and dance, your rhythm is inconsequential as long as you break a sweat. Bust out your favorite dance moves and relive the good old times as a kid when you had nothing but time, youth and boundless energy on your hands. Note: Ahem, in the interest of emotional stability for all, kindly bust said moves in the privacy of your bedroom. You’re trying to stay fit, not traumatize your friends and family.

The biggest trick to staying fit, however, is eating properly. Do not starve yourself in a bid to lose weight and do not eat junk food. Starving yourself actually works the opposite way. Your body is designed to keep you alive, unless it absolutely cannot manage it. So if you starve yourself, your body will simply hoard fat for nourishment. Eating junk food is just terrible. Your body is fully equipped to process natural nourishment, but if you gorge on processed stuff, it gets stumped. Your body can’t break down something it has no enzymes for, so junk food is like throwing a spanner in the cogs of your body, it slows things down and introduces foreign bodies. Most of the junk food will just be expelled as excrement, but there’s always the little parts left behind and all they do is screw things up. The more junk you eat, the more those little things add up in your system. It’s not pretty. If you simply must grab that coffee and doughnut, or that cheeseburger, walk it off. Help your body break it down, don’t just sit there! You’re the one who ate it, why should your body do all the work?

Clothes drape so much better when you’re fit. You look good, you feel great and there are no curves in the wrong places. Don’t give excuses, there are actually enough hours in the day to get things done. Make time to take care of your greatest possession : YOU. You’re the only one who has carte blanche over your body- you feed it, clothe it, clean and exercise it, therefore; if you don’t take care of your body, no one will. No one else on this earth can.

This is where I usually throw in a bad pun but oh G, I can’t think of one. (A-haha! *hangs head in shame* I’m sorry) See you tomorrow. Climb those stairs and stay beautiful!

3 Responses to “F for Fitness”
  1. Trish says:

    I try to do mini crunches while watching tv. I crunch and hold once the commercial break starts and relax when my show’s back on. 😀

  2. NoNo says:

    LOL #3. I have to admit if you took me to a gym, i wouldn’t know what to do with the equipments ^_^. But hey, i do my share of #1 and #3. My apartment is on the 7th floor and alot of times, I walk up/down the stairs b/c the elevator takes too long to come anyway. And as for #3, i prefer to walk if my destination is within 1-2miles because, in the city, sometimes you can get there quicker by walking than driving/public transportation. Great Article :-p

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