D for Dare

When it comes to style, a lot of people aren’t very daring. I find that people’s wardrobes are either a variation of what they see on TV, or a direct copy. We like to play it safe and stay within the confines of our comfort zones. So we go shopping, find one style that works for us, buy it in every colour/variation there is et voila, we have a wardrobe. How many times have you looked at something in a store, wowed at it in admiration, tried it on and then decide against purchasing because you didn’t think you could pull it off? How many times have you said to yourself, I can’t wear that, I don’t have the personality? I know, me too. The thing is, that personality you think you lack, nobody is born with it. What you call personality is a willingness to try new things, a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. That is what is lacking and is what needs to be cultivated.

Step out of your comfort zone. Actually, don’t just step out, buy a trampoline and propel yourself out of it. Style is about exploration, adventure and discovery. It’s wanderlust in a galaxy of clothes, shoes and accessories, with endless possibilities.  Now, I’m not saying we should all be Lady Gaga (she’s insane)  But I am saying, you simply must crawl out of fashion hermitage. You cannot have an array of sheath dresses in your wardrobe simply because you know it works. Unacceptable. Get out there, buy some American Apparel disco shorts in gold and pair them with Oxfords.  Dare. Dare to splurge on a luxury item, dare to try a new style, dare to use something for a different purpose than it was intended – a brooch as a hair accessory, a bow as an adornment for a tee, a scarf knotted into a bowtie. Try different things with the pieces you already have (wear that dress with boots); buy new pieces and and use them differently (try a midi skirt as a tube dress, you’d be shocked). Mix and match expensive and inexpensive. Wear your pearls with jeans and your Louboutins just because. Just dare. Dare to develop a style that is all you and OWN it.

See you some time tomorrow? Fantastic. Wear something fabulously daring. Toddle-oo!

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