C for Colour Coordination

*shakes out umbrella and takes off raincoat* Whew! Made it for today’s post! Alright mocha lovers, today we’re going to talk about colours. Those vibrant hues that make our outfits speak volumes for us so we don’t have to. We will talk about how to wear them, what combinations to avoid and how to control your outfit’s language with colours. Here we go!

So colours, they’re beautiful aren’t they? The fact that there is such a broad spectrum to choose from makes putting clothes together an absolute joy. However, as a wise philosopher once said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. As joyful as it may be to put colours together, if not done right, your fairytale outfit could end up a nightmare.  Take for example, colourblocking. It has been all the rage this past year, but as mentioned, handling colours is a delicate thing. This vibrant trend has been the downfall of many  this year so special care must be taken, lest one end up looking like they lost a fight to a pack of crayola pencils.

When it comes to colour, there are three major ways to wear them:

  • Colourblocking: This style involves wearing blocks of different (complimentary) colours together. It usually has two bold colours for high contrast, and one neutral colour to balance the equation.
  • Monochrome: This involves wearing the same colour (sometimes in subtly different shades) from head to toe.  (pictured above)
  • Spot/splash colouring (That’s not a technical term, I made it up on the spot. See what I did there?): In any case, this style involves using one colourful item to brighten up an overall dark outfit.

To pull off colour properly, know these guiding factors:

  1. For colourblocking, two colours at best is what you need, if you must have a third, it must be neutral.
  2. Yellow is not forgiving. Neither is mint green. Pastels work better as accessories.
  3. Black loves everyone but wear it sparingly or you’ll look like an undertaker.
  4. As a rule, neutrals and lighter colours should always go on top, if worn as bottoms, a darker colour (in a different shade) should be worn on top.
  5. Monochrome works better with dark colours, monochrome pastels hearken to a very bad time for fashion in the 50s.
  6. Unless you’re a bride, white head to toe is unacceptable. It really is.
  7. Head to toe in any colour is too much. An exception can only be made for black at a funeral, those are grave circumstances. (I’m sorry, that one was too easy. I simply had to.)
  8. Of all the ways to wear colour, spot colouring is the most fun and colourblocking is the most dangerous.
  9. Avoid combining two large blocks of colours that are holiday themed. So orange + black (Halloween) and green + red (Christmas) are definite no-nos. Also avoid blue + red. You instantly look like a flag.
  10. Colour in your makeup should NEVER match your outfit, rather it should compliment.
  11. Do not match more than two things in your outfit. Your purse and shoes, your purse and belt or your belt and shoes should either match or co-ordinate. Never all three at once.
  12. The metal on your jewelry should always match the buckles on your purse and belt. Gold with gold, silver with silver, don’t mix.
  13. What colour you’re wearing affects your mood, but don’t make the mistake of wearing yellow for a pick-me-up, studies have shown it’s actually a very irritating colour.

Happy colouring kittens, see you tomorrow!


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