B is for belated

I said tomorrow. Three days ago. I know, I know. I was waylaid by a manatee, took me a while to move him out of the way. (*sigh* It’s alright, I don’t plan to quit my day job.)

Alright then mocha lovers, shuffling along to the second installment, we have B for Body Type.  The key to looking fantastic without trying is mastering your body type. This is essential because if you’re way off the mark on what looks good on your figure, regardless of how much an outfit cost, it’ll still leave a lot to be desired. The topic of body type isn’t very concise, so I will revisit this later in great detail. However, for now know that there are four most common types of bodies:

  • The column/cylinder a la the classy Uma Thurman and Zoe Saldana. This body type is flat and evenly distributed with minimal to no curves.
  • The pear a la the vivacious Beyonce and Kate Hudson. This body type is bottom heavy, smaller breasts and generous hips.
  • The upside-down pear/inverted triangle a la Elizabeth Hurley and Sofia Vergara. This body type is top heavy and streamlined at the bottom.
  • The hourglass a la Miss Marilyn Monroe and the original Va-Va Vavoom Sophia Loren. This body type has curves for days and is generous on the top and bottom, with the waist being typically smaller than both regions.

If you don’t fall neatly into any of the above categories, it’s perfectly fine, you’re still fabulous. Like I said, this topic is not a concise one so, in the post dedicated to body types, we will go into more details, and you will find your body. For now, know that looking great is about flattering your body till it can take no more.

If you are top heavy, A line skirts and flowy bottoms are your friend. If you are bottom heavy, wide leg pants love you, keep them full length and streamlined, avoid capris. If you’re a column, maxi dresses, thin dress straps and the sweetheart neckline were made for you. Embrace them. If you’re an hourglass, we all secretly envy you. The sheath dress, the pencil skirt and the bustier were made to order with your body in mind.

So know your type and get to flattering, and remember ladies, every body was made to pull off a certain type of outfit to perfection. No body type looks great in everything (no, not even you hourglass) So accept your body for what it is, love it (A LOT) and buy it beautiful flattering shapes. Then couple that with some attitude and walk the runaway of your life like no man’s business.

C you tomorrow! (See what I did there? Okay, I’ll stop.)  Toodles!


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