Style A-Z

Hey fashion kittens, sorry about the mini hiatus. There was a kerfuffle with the internet, a messy room and a rhino. It’s complicated, but it’s over. (Haha, I’m a regular comedienne)

Okay, on to business. So! We’re going to try our hands at the much attempted but never overdone, A-Z of fashion/style. In this edition, we will not be using the regular things such as accessories and skirts as our A and S, rather, we will reach beyond the edges of the fashion universe and find things that people so often overlook but desperately need to incorporate in their fashion mantras.

That being said, welcome our first installment A: Attitude.

If you’ve seen one episode of ANTM, you already hate this word. However, attitude is not just something you should incorporate into a photoshoot (alongside smizing, I won’t go there); it is something you should wear like a regal cloak. It is that firm conviction you have that you look FAN-AWESOME-TASTIC and will not be convinced otherwise. An attitude stems directly from your wardrobe and the pieces you have in it. Buy pieces that make you feel like you’re Vogue worthy and wear them often. They don’t have to be expensive, they just have to fit right, look right and give you that extra dash of fabulous. If you look great, you feel great and it shows. That “shows” is the attitude. Cultivate one and wear it like you were born in it!

See you tomorrow for the next installment B…We’ll think of something.  Toodle-oo!


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