It’s Studs and Ducks for Burberry

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All pictures Courtesy of Burberry

I know it’s still summer, but one can’t help with all the fall collections and the must-have-for-fall lists already out in every magazine. Burberry’s accessories stood out for me because even though it still had that classic burberry element, the studs and duck heads on the umbrella handles, wallets and gloves got my attention. Everyone -including myself- have been obsessing over studs for the last few seasons. Studded shoes, shorts, tops, bags… all studs everything. I do have mixed feeling about the ducks though, they look interesting but not sure who would actually buy it!!

As a shoes-enthusiast, I am not very impressed. But I’m in love with the scarfs, the sleek envelope wallets & cases, and the fox-detail bangles and rings.

What do you think about the collection? and what pieces stand out to you? Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter. 🙂


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