Fashion Mocha is Now LIVE!

It is the first of July. CANADA DAY! Happy Canada Day to all my fellow patriotic Canadians. Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend and the lovely weather. Here at Fashion Mocha, we thought there’s no better way to celebrate than by launching the website and daily fashion news blog!

This website is a collaborative effort of Toronto-based fashionistas. We love everything fashion. From clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, beauty, photography and -of course- music… Some of us are pursuing fashion as a career, some are just doing it for fun. After all, fashion is part of everyone’s life in one way or another. Here at Fashion Mocha, our purpose is to share our love for fashion with the world. Besides fashion updates, we will be collaborating with local fashion designers, artists, and photographers to bring you the latest. Most importantly, we’ll be doing so in a very accessible way. We will keep updating all of our platforms to keep them as user-friendly as possible. You can now follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for up-to-the-minute updates from virtually any electronic device anywhere in the world.

As an FM reader, you will be in great control of what you would like us to talk about. Just message just via the site, facebook or twitter with your questions and requests and one of us -based on which particular area the question relates to- will answer you in one of our daily posts.

In the post series PRINT-SPIRATION we’ll be tackling one really important question: ‘How to wear prints?’. If you have ever been scared to wear bold-prints for fear of outfit-overwhelming, then fear no more! Throughout the month we’ll be providing you with the perfect tips on how to incorporate prints into your wardrobe with ease. So stay tuned and do not to forget to message us your questions.


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